Finance Transformation

Arthsaar's Finance Transformation

A high performing finance function

Arthsaar’s Finance Transformation services are designed to transform and improve the finance operations of our clients, tailored to the unique needs and objectives of each organisation. Transformation projects typically involve a functional assessment, followed by executing the projects identified in the assessment.

A high performing finance function will:
  • Anticipate the direction of the market through realistic economic planning.
  • Align the organisation and activities of the finance function within the organisation’s strategy and implement a transformation programme.
  • Determine drivers of both growth and cost reduction while also assessing risks.

The main goals of the finance transformation projects are:

  • To provide a clear split between transactional back office services (SSC) and commercial business partnering roles.
  • To centralize, standardize and simplify transactions and processes using automation and system improvement as much as possible.
  • To improve data clarity, consistency and simplicity, by reducing internal adjustments and recharges as well as improving links to non-finance data.
  • Strengthen the partnering of our finance business partners delivery to ensure commercial benefits realization and focus.

If we take a glance at the current landscape of technology, there are many things which CFOs must consider. There are solutions including the shift from paper-based processes to digital processes, robotisation and intelligent reporting tools. ‘Chatbot’ assistants may also be considered for client and supplier relationships in Customer Collection Centres and Shared Services Centres (SSCs). These solutions also include the new concept of on-demand services – these new models are increasingly used in organisations and in service agreements between clients and internal suppliers.

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