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Sharing our experience – How One of our Chennai based client pioneer in AlcoBev Industry boosted their business with Analytics designed & implemented by Arthsaar

Our Client is having business operations in many Southern Indian states including Kerala, Puducherry and Andaman.

They needed to track their performance of every facet of its Liquor Sales in the state.

Periodical Management requirement to track Plan vs Actual Sale, Sales Variance & factors that impacted so, Stock in transit & Stock level that directly influence Cash Flow. Any reported incidence of Stock Out, which clearly portrait Logistic issues, faulty Sales planning, exigency of robust rolling plan, factoring Seasonal impact and optimisation of resources& maximisation of Revenue etc.

Historically, Data’s & reports are maintained in Excel files&manually maintained registers which were in custody of third party stakeholders. Compilation of data & preparation of Reports required continuous follow-ups & manual intervention to put in identical format that yield meaningful information. It also carries risk of “Errors” (both Human & Excel formulas). Sometimes challenging when complex data came in multiple set’s & format’s together.

The Client was facing challenges both in terms of Time involvement, Data hygiene and Quality Reporting for analysing past performance / Forecasting, taking business decisions that help Business strategies & Growth.

As a Consultant, firstly, we studied their Business Processes, Objectives& expectations. With this , we designed data collection templates, defined  “Preparer / Reviewer” roles , standardised information flow, targeted time management of relevant & critical information’s.

This facilitated collection of all desired data viz. Daily Production & Despatch, Monthly Sales Plan , Costing , Logistics details viz. Stock-in-transit, Truck’s unloading. Daily movement of stock – Distillery to Depot & to Retailers, besides monthly reports on Industry Sales & Collection summary.

The synopsis of collected data, enabled us to develop various dashboard Reports, which provides Key Performance Indicators (KPI) like

  • Plan Vs actual sales along with volume and value with respect to Profitability
  • Permit Turnaround time 
  • Critical Key Analysis – Region, Brand, Pack, Flavour, Segment
  • Inventory Management
  • Market share – Industry vs Client 
  • Growth opportunities, Net Revenue Management
  • Cash & Fund Flow – Inventory, Overheads, Brand -Cost & Profit.

Key benefits and results (Game Changer)

  • Availability of near real time data & Reports enables improved Response time & effective critical decision deliverables, especially in such Volatile & highly competitive market.
  • Around 10% reduction in Inventory & simultaneously release of blocked working capital
  • Improvement in Permit turnaround time and overall logistics performance
  • Enabled future strategic planning for business
  • Enabled end-to-end customer insights

When it comes to Technology, with years of experience, our team has required expertise in using any standard Analytics tools and Databases. 

Client references available on request.

Want to experience the expertise of Arthsaar ? Please get in touch with us and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

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